How to Donate

Donate to ACAHF

The Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF) accepts donations from the general public; donations are made via the Australian Veterinary Association's (AVA) donation gateway in support of the work of the Foundation.

Any donation, no matter how small, helps to further our knowledge of companion animal disease and assists in providing healthier, happier lives for animals.

Donations and bequests may be made in memory of a companion animal by an individual, family or organisation. A record of donations is maintained by the Foundation and published in the Annual Report.

All gifts and donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the donor under the Income Tax Assessment Act. Veterinarians who wish to make a donation can do so at any time and when they renew their annual AVA membership.

For all enquiries, please email us at

Leonie's Story

Many years ago, Leonie Benchimol’s beloved dog, a Rottweiler named Phoenix was a patient of Dr Bill Harkin of Blackburn Animal Hospital, Victoria. When Phoenix passed away, Leonie received a letter saying that Dr Harkin had made a donation in Phoenix’s memory to the Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF).

Leonie was so moved by the donation and hearing about the work of ACAHF that she decided to start up her own plan to raise money for the Foundation.

She now spends much of her time taking care of her friends’ dogs and houses while they’re away on holiday and instead of accepting payment, Leonie asks that the owners make a donation to the ACAHF.

“It was interesting to see the different amounts they contribute,” says Leonie. One of Leonie’s clients donated $1000 for just two weeks. “I have regular clients now who check with me first as to my availability before they book holidays!”

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Many supporters who donate opt to leave a percentage of their estate or something from the residue. That way you can look after your loved ones and make a wonderful contribution towards the charities and causes that mean the most to you. A gift in your Will, no matter how great the amount, will make a positive difference to the lives of animals.

We are often asked for suggested wording to include a gift to ACAHF in a Will. You can simply ask your solicitor to insert the appropriate clause selected from the wording below into your Will:

“I give to the Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation of Unit 40, 6 Herbert Street, St Leonards NSW 2065

(a)   the residue of my estate; OR

(b)   >percentage< of my estate; OR

(c)   the sum of $>amount<

for the general purposes of the ACAHF. I declare the receipt of the ACAHF will be sufficient discharge for my Trustees."

The ACAHF thanks everyone who has gifted and donated to support better pet health for all companion animals.