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The Foundation's purpose is to improve pet health through science; to help make the lives of our pets longer, more comfortable, and free of disease.

By funding veterinary research projects we help to further the understanding of the cause, treatment, and prevention of the clinical diseases of companion animals, mainly dogs and cats. Funding for this type of research is typically not available from government or university funding bodies.

The Foundation raises money through donations from veterinarians and companies associated with the pet industry, pet owners, and other concerned members of the public.

The ACAHF is registered with Good2Give to allow pre-tax donations to be made via workplace giving, as well as GoFundraise for those wishing to fundraise for the ACAHF.

All gifts and donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible to the donor.

Leonie's Story

Many years ago, Leonie Benchimol’s beloved dog, a Rottweiler named Phoenix was a patient of Dr Bill Harkin of Blackburn Animal Hospital, Victoria. When Phoenix passed away, Leonie received a letter saying that Dr Harkin had made a donation in Phoenix’s memory to the Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF).

Leonie was so moved by the donation and hearing about the work of ACAHF that she decided to start up her own plan to raise money for the Foundation.

She now spends much of her time taking care of her friends’ dogs and houses while they’re away on holiday and instead of accepting payment, Leonie asks that the owners make a donation to the ACAHF.

“It was interesting to see the different amounts they contribute,” says Leonie. One of Leonie’s clients donated $1000 for just two weeks. “I have regular clients now who check with me first as to my availability before they book holidays!”

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The ACAHF is a not-for-profit charitable trust of the Australian Veterinary

Association. Our mission is to better pet health through veterinary science.

Your donation helps to fund research that enables our pets to live longer, with greater comfort and free from disease.

To make an offline donation, including a bequest, please email [email protected] for bank details.

The Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation is a non-profit, tax exempt trust of the Australian Veterinary Association Limited ABN 28 161 244 069