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ACAHF Condolence Cards

Any donation, large or small, helps the ACAHF to fund research and furthers our understanding of companion animal diseases, assisting us to provide healthier happier lives for our pets. Donations can be made at any time and bequests in memory of a companion animal from an individual or organisation are welcomed.

Vets who are members of the Australian Veterinary Association Ltd. (AVA) are invited to donate with their annual membership payments.

The ACAHF produces elegant condolence cards to support grieving households – these are purchased by veterinary hospitals and clinics to gift in memory of a pet and can be ordered in bulk (packs of 50).

Email us at [email protected] to purchase our condolence cards.

“I recently received a condolence card from my vet. I appreciated that my vet went to the effort of making a donation to animal health research in memory of my cat Bear and I hope that the work of the ACAHF can help other cats to live a longer, healthy and happy life”. Ella

Support animal health and donate today!

ACAHF Posters and Brochures

We invite you to display our new posters and brochures at your clinic, or place of work, to help publicise the ACAHF, and support research work to improve the health of companion animals.

To order posters or brochures for your clinic, or office space, please contact us at [email protected]

Please include your name, your business name and contact details.

ACAHF Social Media Resources

We also invite you to share our social media tiles on your digital channels, you can access these via the 'Downloads' link below.