Grant Application

ACAHF Grant Application


Every year the ACAHF offers grants of up to $10,000 for research into the causes, prevention and cure of diseases in companion animals (canine, feline and other companion animal species).

Grants are for one year only, however, successful applicants are welcome to apply for further funding the following year; noting that these applications will need to demonstrate satisfactory achievement of the project’s initial goals and will compete with all other applications submitted for funding in that year. 

Please see the following grant application notes:

  • Successful applications will be funded from the following sources: The Estate of Eric William Ryan, The Estate of Elizabeth Ruth French, The Estate of Patricia Williams, The Hilda Whitton Memorial Fund, The Sue Du Val Memorial Fund, the Ottie Testa Memorial Fund and the ACAHF general account. The source of funding will be notified and should be suitably acknowledged by the recipient in all publications, presentations, etc. resulting from the research. 
  • Applications for funds must be made using the attached pro forma. 
  • Applicants from universities or other institutions must ensure that their applications are approved by the relevant institutional ethics committee, for projects involving the use of animals, before the project commences. Applicants who are not associated with such an institution must certify that their experiments will be conducted in accordance with the NHMRC/CSIRO Code of Practice for the Use of Animals in Research in Australia. 
  • Applicants from universities or other institutions must submit their applications through the appropriate designated official. 
  • Preference will be given to veterinary applicants who are firstly Australian Small Animal Veterinarians (ASAV) members and secondly Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) members. Proof of AVA and ASAV membership (e.g. membership number) must accompany the application
  • A report detailing progress on the project shall be furnished half-yearly to the Foundation. Accompanying such report shall be a statement certifying that the money granted to each project has been spent in accordance with the terms of the grant.
  • A terminating report shall be submitted to the Foundation within six months of the period for which the project was funded, or such extended time as the Foundation shall permit. This final report shall give details of the aims and objectives of the project and how they have been met. 
  • Any publications resulting from the work supported by the Foundation should acknowledge the source of such support and the Foundation shall be entitled to receive free of cost a copy of any publications and any theses resulting from the work. 
  • The Foundation reserves the right to report briefly on the outcome of funded projects in its annual report, in promotional literature and/or in the Australian Veterinary Practitioner. The wording of such reports will be subject to the approval of the senior researchers. 

For any further questions please email