ACAHF survey tilw

Australian Veterinarians Survey #1

The Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF) works to improve pet health through science.

Every year university veterinary schools and other institutions seek ACAHF grants to undertake important research with the aim of improving treatment and prevention options, and the long-term health outcomes of companion animals, primarily cats and dogs.

We invite the Australian veterinary community to take this short 2-minute survey and assist the ACAHF in better understanding which companion animal diseases and disorders are of the most concern.

This survey's results will be used to define 15 diseases as nominated by Australian veterinarians.

We will then share these results and seek industry opinion once again, to determine how these would be ranked in importance from a clinical perspective.

Once completed, we aim to raise additional funding for research into the top two diseases as nominated and ranked by the Australian veterinary community.

Thank you for your support.